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Essay Writing Prize for GCSE or 6th Form Student to Become Published Author

This November, we are publishing GOODBYE, EUROPE: a collection of personal essays, anecdotes, short stories, and illustrations which explores our relationship with Europe.

The book will feature pieces from some of our most treasured writers and artists – and you could be included in this wonderful project. And there’s a prize!

If you win, you will not only become a published author, with your name being printed alongside the household names of award-winning writers, artists and journalists, BUT you could also win £2,000! That’s a whole summer of bar work, or a round the world ticket for travelling, or 28 years of Netflix.

Much has been made of the decision to leave Europe, with a particular focus in the debate on the difference in voting habits between the youngest in society and everyone else. We would like to give people of that generation a voice in this collection, and hope that you will help us spread the word.

Key Details

– Only GCSE, IB and A-level students are eligible

– The word count is circa 1,000 words and winning entry will also receive £2,000

– The deadline for entries is Monday 7th August, during the summer holidays, and should be sent to goodbyeeurope@orionbooks.co.uk

– Submissions should come with a title of the piece and the name, age and school of the writer

– The finished book of GOODBYE, EUROPE will be published this November in hardback

– View the full terms and conditions here.

The Brief

The pieces can be purely intimate and individual, or take a specific cultural angle or a wider socio-political approach without any necessity to adopt a political stance. The scope of what you write about can be as vast as you want it to be – you could focus on languages, or your favourite city, write about somewhere you’ve visited or where you would like to visit and why; you could write about the things you think have been afforded to you or taken away from you by this huge change.  You could write about the extent to which you feel European or British, the food that you love and the art, music, film that means something to you. Any and all ideas and approaches are encouraged – all that we ask is that you write this in a way that is truly personal to you. The pieces can be moving, funny or fascinating but in essence we are looking for essays that are engaging, and give the reader a deep insight into the writer’s personal relationship with Europe.


For further questions, comments, or guidance please email goodbyeeurope@orionbooks.co.uk