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The Ten Most Surprising Diet Facts From The Diet Myth By Tim Spector

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Amy Davies - April 21st, 2015


The Diet Myth Cover


In The Diet Myth Tim Spector unravels the real science behind what we eat and how our bodies digest food.

Along the way he discovers many fascinating and illuminating truths that will change the way you look at your everyday food habits; here is a round up of the ten diet facts that surprised us the most:



 1. Multivitamins and supplements are of no benefit and may do harm.

2. There is considerable evidence that eating lots of fatty cheese or yoghurt can improve health and weight.

3. Sweeteners in ‘diet’ fizzy drinks have adverse effects on our metabolism and microbes.

4. The effects of hangovers can be lessened by changing your gut microbes.

5. Foods advertised as ‘low-fat’ are actually making us fatter.

6. Because of changes in our diet and the use of antibiotics the diversity of microbes in our bodies is 30 per cent lower than fifty years ago.

7. Most probiotics in yoghurt don’t work well in humans.

8. Belgian Beer, garlic, coffee and celery are perfect foods to increase gut microbes.

9. When two people are put on the same diet, the results are often very different because of their microbes and genes.

10. Increasing diversity of our diet will increase our microbes, our health, happiness and lifespan.


Read the full story behind your everyday food choices: The Diet Myth is out 14th May 2015.




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